Over thinking comes up in the therapy room constantly. If only we could turn off our brains from over thinking with a switch of a button. If only it was that easy.

The answer is to keep active and busy and enjoy what you love doing.

Here are some tips:

Try a calm breathing exercise. More about calm breathing here

I always suggest getting lost in a brilliant book

Listen to music

Listen to Self Help CDs or apps

Exercise; this can include walking, jogging, going to the gym or any activity you enjoy. Exercising is one of the best things you can do to clear your mind

Talk to a friend or invite a group of friends round for a fun evening

Take up a new hobby, for example, dance classes, tennis, golf, flower arranging or cooking – the list is endless

Plan your garden and get stuck into it

Baking is a great way to stop over thinking, plus your family and friends can chat over coffee and cake. You could do a charity bake. Bake cakes and let friends and family buy them then you can donate the funds to a charity of your choice.

Volunteer, so many organisations rely on volunteers.

I am a great believer in journaling. Buy a journal and write down thoughts, feelings and emotions and don’t forget to set goals. You will get a better understanding of yourself and goal setting can be empowering.

Negative thoughts can take over our lives if we allow them to. The choice is yours! Challenge yourself to a more positive productive way of living.

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