How do you estimate yourself?

You may ooze confidence but lack in self-esteem. Do you walk in to a party and chat away to everyone but after the event question yourself? “Everyone looked better than me” “Did I talk a load of rubbish?” “Everyone will think I’m an idiot” and the list goes on. Does this happen in every aspect of your life?

How can we change that lack of self-belief?

Ask yourself this one question “Do you like yourself?” People with low self-esteem find it hard to answer yes.

It’s very easy to change the way you think about yourself, but often feels like the hardest job in the world for a person suffering from low self-esteem. A good way to start improving your self-esteem is to acknowledge that you are special.

Unfortunately, lots of people with poor self-esteem really beat themselves up whenever they make a mistake. They feel that they are ‘no good’ in everything they do. If that sounds like you, try to stop these destructive thoughts because if you go around believing them, you’ll encourage other people to believe them, too.

Start thinking of yourself as someone who has rights, opinions and ideas that are just as valid as those of anyone else.

People with poor self-esteem often fail to give themselves enough time and space. Remember; time alone is energising (I’ve put together this visualisation that is perfect for people who need to take some time out to breathe). What would it feel like to put yourself first and did things you enjoyed? Start a new hobby, read a book, join a gym or take a walk – basically, spend a bit of time looking after yourself.

When you have a horrible day, or something goes wrong, I would like you to keep a thought journal. Write what your feeling and thinking. Read your journal back when you are less stressed and challenge all the negative thoughts you have written. Start thinking about positive things in your life. Sometimes we can’t see them because we’re so negative. This will soon become a way of life. The results will surprise you.

I would like you to write a list of 20 things that you like and admire about yourself.

  • You can write down your characteristics.
  • You can include things about your looks.
  • You can even write about the things you do.

If you struggle to do this ask some friends or family to help you? I’m sure they will be able to reel off reasons why they think you’re great!

Remember to change the negative into a positive in all aspects of your life. It will soon become a way of life. After all, “It’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference”.

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