My name is Christine Elvin, I’m a counsellor who in the past has suffered from mental health issues. I want to become a therapist blogger in hope I’ll be able to help people with mental health issues.

When I had my problems I felt no one understood me nor did I understand myself. It was a lonely time and I believed I was dying. The reason I thought I was dying was because no one diagnosed my issues. I now realise I had a classic anxiety and panic disorder.

After years of suffering I have since changed my GP as I felt I was an obvious case that was left undiagnosed.
I read a lot of self-help books at the time and I became very interested in how the mind can effect everyday living, body sensations and have a disabling effect on someone’s life.
I became so interested in what had happened to me and how it happened that I eventually did a counselling course and became a counsellor so I could help others like me.
I feel there still isn’t enough understanding around mental health, even though it’s a little better, it’s not as it should be.

I would like to help others in understanding their issues. I realise this isn’t a one to one therapy session, but I would like to put it place some strategies and techniques that may help lots of people in the same position as I was many years ago.

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